Shower Steamer Set with Bamboo Holder

Shower Steamer Set with Bamboo Holder

18 oz

This set comes with 4 eucalyptus shower steamers and a bamboo holder. The total weight is 18 oz so each one is 4.5 oz. The shower steamer are hand painted with gold mica on the edges to add elegance to them. These shower steamers are STRONG. Menthol crystals as well as eucalyptus essential oil has been added to each batch to give the ultimate experience while showering. These steamers are great during the cooler months when you’re feeling a bit stuffed up. Each one will be heat sealed and in a box wrapped in a bow.

Place one shower steamer on the holder and place out of direct water. You want it to get wet but not soaked. Best place would be in the corner of your shower or tub.

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