Whipped Body Butta

Whipped Body Butta

7 oz
Body Ecstasy Bath Bar

This 7 oz jar of whipped body butta is made with high quality Shea, Mango, and Kokum butter. It leaves your skin so soft and moisturized, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to purchase. A little goes a long way so this jar will last for awhile. I’m offering both male and female fragrances so that everyone can enjoy this product. The male fragrances will come in the black label as pictured. If you decide to choose a fragrance like vanilla and you want it for a male, please let me know. Each one comes with its own spatula to scoop and apply.

Here are some of benefits of the butters:

Shea Butter 

1. Boosts skin moisture

2. It’s an anti-inflammatory 

3. It’s antioxidant and antibacterial 

4. Restores cell regeneration etc.

Mango Butter

1. Anti-aging agent

2. Lightweight, non-greasy

3. Great for eczema 

4. Helps skin heal faster etc.

Kokum Butter

1. Highly moisturizing 

2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging

3. Restores cell regeneration 

4. Protects skin from sunburn etc.

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